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Bailey II

Bailey II Description
US PROTECTED VARIETY and seed can be sold only as a Class of Certified Seed.

BAILEY II was released by North Carolina State University. Bailey II is a high-oleic, high yielding Virginia-type peanut cultivar selected in a conventional breeding program. Bailey II has alternate branching pattern, intermediate runner growth habit, and medium green foliage. Bailey II has approximately 42% jumbo pods, 44% fancy pods, seed with tan seed coat averaging 904 mg seed-1, and extra-large kernel content of 35%. The high-oleic trait produces an array of changes in the fatty acid composition of peanut oil compared with normal-oleic cultivars, most notably the elevation of oleic acid and the reduction of linoleic acid content. Compared to normal-oleic cultivars, it will exhibit extended shelf life. It is most similar to the recurrent parent ‘Bailey’ in yield and disease resistance; although Bailey II will exhibit more jumbo pods, super extra-large kernels, and extra-large kernels. Bailey II is partially resistant to the four most common diseases in the Virginia-Carolina peanut production area: leaf spot, Cylindrocladium black rot (CBR), Sclerotinia blight (SB), and tomato spotted wilt tospovirus (TSWV). High oleic testing is required for all classes of certified seed lots.

County                       Name, City                                 Telephone #                Class
Suffolk                  Birdsong Peanuts, Suffolk                      757-539-3224       R   C
Isle of Wight         Indika Farms, Inc., Windsor                    757-242-6607       R   C
Isle of Wight        Redd & Redd, Zuni                                  757-777-7083       R   C
Sussex                Wakefield Peanut Co., LLC Wakefield    757-589-5481       R   C
Westmoreland     VCIA Foundation Seed Farm, Mt. Holly       804-472-3500       F
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