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LCS 3204

LCS 3204 Wheat Variety Description
Limagrain Licensed Variety
Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited
LCS 3204 is an awnless, early maturing, short stature soft red winter wheat that is photoperiod insensitive and carries vm-A1b for short vernalization.  It carries Truman level Fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance for incidence, severity, Fusarium damage kernels, and DON.  A shorter, awned off-type was noted in the original breeder seed.  A 1% variance is allowed.  LCS 3204 gains strengths as it moves south.  Test weight is very high at 61 lb./bu average.  It is ideal for low-input wheat farmers and has exceptional all-around disease resistance.  Plant height is 39",  has a smooth head and very good standability.  Plant maturity is mid-season, with excellent winter hardiness.  

County          Name, City                                      Telephone #      Class
Pittsylvania    Hill View Farms, Inc., Inc., Danville     434-770-9311    C

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